Thursday, August 18, 2011

Couponing 101: How to Work a Mega Event

Mega Events typically offer the following deal

  • Buy 10, mix or match, get $5 off instantly. Prices listed are after instant savings. You can buy multiple deals in the same transaction. Takes $.50 off per item.
  • Another variation is buy 10, get $3 off instantly. Takes $.30 off per item.
Mega events are so great because you can buy a variety of products and still get the deal. And by saving an additional $.50 or $.30 on top of the value of your coupon, it can be a very lucrative deal.

The trick to mega event success is to be prepared. More than likely, something you wanted to purchase will be sold out. The gameplan is to find filler items that are included in the mega event, and/or to make a list of mega event items that will put you at more than 10 items so that you have backups.

The first time you go with intent to do multiple transactions, take reusable shopping bags. Place them in your cart and place each group of 10 items into a bag. That way it keeps things organized and easy to monitor and keep track of.
Case in point: The last Mega Event trip I went with the intent to purchase 20 mega event items, or to do the deal twice.

My list:

Deal 1:
- 4 Wisk detergents
- 6 Whiskas Lickins cat treats

Deal 2:
- 4 Classico pasta sauces
- 4 Stayfree pads
- 2 Colgate toothpastes

Lo and behold, the Wisk and Whiska Lickins were out. Luckily, I planned ahead and those two items made up one whole mega event deal. So I got rainchecks and purchased my other mega event deal.  I also got 1.5lbs of shrimp for $6 and a nice piece of salmon for $2.79, so check out the managers specials!

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