Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Best Walgreens Deals 8/5-8/11 - Lots of Freebies, Y'all!

I know I'm a tad late this week, but the Olympics are distracting me. I bring you the good deals from Wags for the week, not exactly lifechanging, but a couple fun ones nonetheless (is that spelled right?) There are tons of freebie RR reward deals, and these are great to roll into multiple transactions in order to keep your OOP to a minumum. Then at the end you can use them on something you may really need, like toilet paper.  I've also included all the Back to School deals.

I'm in a little bit of a hillbilly mood after becoming acquainted with Honey BooBoo Child this morning (Youtube if you don't know who this is), so please overlook any sarcastic southern outbursts that may appear on the blog today.

Freebies, y'all!

99¢ RR WYB Lipton Tea, 99¢

$1.50 RR WYB Walgreens Perfection Tampons, 8 pk., $1.50  

$6 RR WYB Lanacane with Aloe Spray, 3.5 oz, $6
$10 RR WYB Renew Life Day Diet Start, $10

$4 RR WYB Carmex Healing Cream or Ointment 4 oz or Lotion, 5.5 oz, $4.99
-$1 off Carmex skin care, 4 oz + printable

$1RR WYB Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist at $2.24 to $3.36 (some stores may be offering 20% off)
-$3/1 Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist, printable  

Bic Cristal Bold Pens, 10 pk., 49¢ w/ in-ad coupon, limit 3
-$1/2 Bic Stationery, SS 7/29

(Buy 2, makes them free)

  Bic Disposable Razors, 4 pk. B1G1 50% off
Bic Silky Touch 3 or Comfort 3 Disposable Shavers, 4 pk., $3.99 (price may vary)

 -$3 off BIC disposable razor, excl trial size, SS 8/05
(Buy (2), use (2) $3/1, makes them both FREE)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunday Coupon Preview 8/5

This Sunday we will have three (3) inserts:
  • Smartsource
  • Redplum
  • General Mills

It's a great mix of personal care, pet supplies and food, especially to stock up for those lunchboxes! Keep reading to see a list of all of the coupons...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Additional Publix Deals 8/2-8/8

So we've got some awesome additional deals for the new ad, and a couple are GREAT to stock up on for back to school - especially the Uncrustables and FREE glue!  


Smuckers Uncrustables 8oz, at $2.95 ($1.48)
-$1/1 Smuckers Uncrustables whole wheat or reduced sugar product printable
(Makes it 48¢ each)

General Mills Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, Reese’s Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch (15.6 to 20.25 oz at $4.09 ($2.05)
-.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable
-.50/1 Lucky Charms printable
-.50/1 Reese Puff cereal printable
(Makes it $1.05 for the BIG boxes :)

Sunny D 64oz, at $1.99 (99¢)

Marie's Dressing or Yogurt Dressing, at $3.29 ($1.65)
-$1/1 Marie's Dressing, Dip or Glaze, printable
-.75/1 Marie's Yogurt Dressing printable
-.65/1 Marie's Dressing printable
-$1.25/2 Marie's Dressings, Upromise eCoupon
(Buy 2, use (2) $1/1, makes it 2¢ each after the Upromise deposit - get you Upromise card from Customer Service)

Facebook Freebies: Ghirardelli Squares and Toms of Maine

Woohoo, I won! Head over to the Ghrardelli Facebook page and nominate someone special who has motivated you. Enter your info and see if you've won! (I JUST did this and was one of the 50k to win, so hopefully you will be too.)

Also, head over to the Toms of Maine Facebook page to request a free sample of their Naturally Dry antiperspirant/deodorant.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Publix Deals + Coupons 8/2-8/8

I'm a bit ahead of schedule with this one, I think it's because I'm so excited about the upcoming deals!


Publix Fruit Salad, BOGO $3.49/lb ($1.75/lb)

Smucker’s Uncrustables, 8 oz, at $3.15 ($1.57)

Digiorno Cheese, 5-6oz at $4.79 ( $2.40)

General Mills Cereal: Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp or Reese’s Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 15.6 to 20.25 oz, at $4.09 ($2.04)
-.50/1 Reese's Puffs cereal printable

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, 11.4 to 19.5 oz, at $3.79 ($1.89)
-$1/3 Kellogg's Special K Cereal printable
-$1/3 Kellogg's Special K Cereals, Target printable
(Use both, makes it $1.22 each if Target is a competitor)

Sweet Leaf Tea, 64 oz, at $1.99 (99¢) -.75/1 Sweet Leaf iced tea, RP 6/24
(makes it 24¢)

Crisco Olive Oil 16.9 oz, at $5.99 ($2.99)

HOT: 64¢ All Detergent!

I scored this deal last night and wanted to get it up for yall to keep an eye out for - Walmart has the 10ct bags of All Mighty Pacs clearanced for $1.64. Use the $1/1 All Detergent coupon that was in this past Sunday's (7/29) RedPlum and score them for 64¢ each! That's 6.4¢ a load!

I found mine in a small clearance section in the cleaning supplies aisle. For those of you in the Atlanta area, these were at the Walmart of Windward Parkway. And that hand belongs to a lovely employee who wanted his 15 minutes of fame.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Kroger Deals + Coupons 7/29-8/4

While I wasn't working, I depleted a good bit of my stockpile. So the recent deals that we've been seeing have me VERY excited! :) Now I'm working to build up my stockpile again so I can stop shopping for a bit and pay down some debt. So here are all the deals I've seen at Kroger this week, as you know I'm only posting the best of the best deals - FREE deodorant, Stayfree and $1.44 Birdseye meals! Also, remember that my ad is the Atlanta ad, so double check your local ad to make sure the deals match before you head out.


Tyson Split Chicken Breasts, 99¢ lb (learn how to cook this and make a homemade pot pie!)

Kroger Ground Beef, 73% Lean, 5 lb roll, $10.95
(makes it $2.19 lb)

Boneless Pork Loin, $1.99 lb

Kroger Bratwurst or Italian Sausage, 18 oz, $3.19
(these usually go on sale 2 for $7, so this isn't bad. If you get the Kroger home mailers, check for store coupons)


Birds Eye Viola! Meals, 21 oz, $3.19 (This is 50% off)
-$1.75 off Birds Eye Voila printable
 -$1 off Birds Eye Voila printable
 -$1 off Birds Eye Voila! item printable
 -$1 off Birds Eye Viola item printable
 -.50/1 Birds Eye Voila! item printable
(use $1.75 off, makes it $1.44)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Frugal Uses for Household Products - Vinegar

I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate more tips for frugal living into TSNPR, and last night while I was mixing up a batch of my world famous multi-purpose cleaner, it hit me - let's discuss how to repurpose normal household products! Now I really like the quote in the above photo, but "doing without" just isn't my style, so if something I already have will "make it do," I consider it a win-win for all. So by utilizing the following tips, I have more money for things like cute clearance dresses at Target! (and amazingly enough, I was able to repurpose an adorable pair of fuscia wedges to accessorize the sexy little white sundress I scored last week for $12.49!)

Now obviously there are a million and five different ideas, so we're just going to start with one or two things around the house today. Like vinegar. I have a million and one tips and tricks for vinegar, so it may well get its very own post today.

Oh, vinegar. You're stinky and cheap and not at all delicious. So what to do with you?

Hair Rinse: Now especially during the summer, when I have to product the heck out of my hair to keep it flat, I find myself regularly having that yucky built-up product feeling. Ew. Well, next time you shampoo, try this: take a small cup of vinegar (I use white or apple cider, whatever is on hand) into the shower with you. Rinse your hair, then shampoo and condition as normal (except maybe a little more thoroughly, to make sure you get rid of the smell.) Clarifying Shampoo, don't let the door hit you on the way out! (unless you get an awesome deal on it, then stockpile away baby!)

Restaurant Deals & Coupons

Y'all know I like to say TGIF in one of two ways - a very lengthy happy hour, or a nice dinner out! You're on your own for the happy hour deals, but here's what I've been able to round up as far as dining out deals:

  • Boston Market: $3 off purchase when you sign up or
    • $1 off fountain beverage with purchase printable
  • Chilis: FREE chips and queso when you sign up
  • Macaroni Grill: $5 off any entree printable
  • Olive Garden: 3 course meal for 2 - $25 (check your inserts for coupons)
  • On the Border: FREE queso or Sopapilla printable
  • Red Lobster: $10 off 2 dinner entrees (exp 8/5) printable
  • Smokey Bones: $5 off $15 purchase printable
Also, check out and enter promo code SUMMER1 for huge discounts.

FREE Bath Puff at Walmart!

This is perfect timing, my shower puff is falling apart! EcoTools Poufs are sold at Walmart, ranging in price from 87¢-$1.04 (depends on  your region I suppose). Sign up here and EcoTools will email you a coupon for $1/1 EcoTool product.

I know we're still in the midst of summer (I'm in  GA, no need to remind me!) but now's the time to start wrapping your head around the upcoming Christmas season. A great idea for inexpensive gifts are homemade Spa-themed gift baskets. Between these poufs and the 59¢ Greek soaps at Publix a couple of weeks ago, I'd say I'm off to a great start.

 With deals like this, when December rolls around, all you'll have to do is open your linen closet (or wherever you keep your HBA stockpile) and fill those baskets! So FYI - I'm tagging this and all future great deals with gift potential under the Christmas on a Budget tab - so check back frequently for more ideas!