Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Cannoli - We Have a Forum!

Somehow, our little ol blog (which has had 3k hits since May - yall are awesome!) has acquired a forum! No clue how or who created it (coulda been done automatically when I registered to post at another forum), but I digress. The good news is - now yall have a place to congregate with me and ask questions, share tips, recipes, success stories, to vent or to just find some coupon solidarity.

Check out the forum here, or you can click the "Community" tab at the top of the page, OR you can use the widget at the right side of the blog (scroll down, you'll see it.)

While you're looking at the right side of the page, I'd like to invite your attention to the Facebook "like" button near the top of the sidebar. Click it. Seriously, or I'll punch you in the face. Just kidding. (Maybe.)

And you should all upload photos of your lovely faces so I can get to meet you!

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