Monday, May 23, 2011

Save on Pet Meds!

For those of us who are pet owners, warmer weather means a season of four-letter words: flea and tick. Does the thought of paying for expensive topical flea and tick prevention make you and your wallet cringe in fear? I bring reprieve!

First, let's discuss Frontline, one of the best (and most expensive) preventatives out there. Frontline Plus has had the advantage over the competitors for years due to their exclusive patent of the active ingredient, Fipronil. Well, that patent has expired. What does that mean? Generics will start to hit the markets very soon! Are generics safe? Absolutely. They contain the exact same active ingredient, at a fraction of the price. One generic I have come across, and am currently using, is called PetArmor Plus. Pet Armor Plus retails at Walmart for $28.00/3 month supply for ANY size dog. If you're a Sam's Club member, you can save a couple extra bucks and pick up a three month supply for $25. Compare this to a 3-month supply of Frontline Plus, which starts at $42.99 at Petco, and you're saving almost HALF the cost!

As Billy Mayes said, "but wait, there's more!" There is another way to slash the price of flea and tick prevention EVEN MORE!

The difference between the doses of Flea and Tick prevention is the amount of egg inhibitor per dose. This means that the product marketed for larger dogs contains more egg inhibitor than the product made for smaller dogs.

What does this mean? This means that one dose for a LARGE dogs can be measured out in MULTIPLE DOSES for smaller dogs and even cats! Each dose contains 4.02ml. Here is the dosage chart for cats and dogs based on weight:

CATANY.50ml8 Months
DOG0-22 lbs..67ml6 Months
23-44 lbs.1.34ml3 Months
45-88 lbs.2.68ml1.5 Months
89-132 lbs.4.02ml1 Months

Note: I only endorse this with Frontline Plus or generic Frontline Plus products.

So, how do you use this? Simple. You purchase Frontline Plus or a generic version for the largest size (89-132lbs). You then purchase the kit tools (I purchase mine from eBay). The tools include a 1ml syringe and a glass vial for storage of the product since you won't use it all at once for smaller dogs and cats. You pour one dose of the large dog Frontline into the vial and measure out only what you need to dose your pet(s) for that month. Then the following month, you do it again!

I've been doing this for over a year with great success. This method will last Beanie six months, or both of my cats for four months. Now that I've acquired my moose of a German Shepherd, Tank, one of these doses will treat all of my pets for one month.

So never fear, flea and tick prevention CAN be easy!


  1. faith31961@yahoo.comOctober 4, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Yes,I too have gotton thrue two summers at least using this method. I have not had one animal sick from this so far.I aquired kittens,because a neighbor left behind their pregnant cat,she had 4,they are doing great,but born with radial agenesis.For most people from day one would of deemed these ,beautiful, non perfect creatures to death . they are improving,learning to have fun,surviveing with their disabilities.I however would like to know the dose of petarmor you think should be given to 8wk. old kittens. Vets are more into the money than the pets,so I am willing to take the chance and get rid of these fleas altogether. I believe any and all cats are at risk,with any product,even if the vet puts it on,like people,animals sometimes have alergic reactions to stuff,while others have no bad effects.And so far, I have had good results with this method and had no fleas,till I brought strays in. It seems too much to give 8wk.old the same as an adult cat,so I'm searching for answeres.Thank-You!

  2. Please do not use this product on cats as the active ingredients can be fatal, usually anything reccomended for ticks is fatal to cats although the regular front line, not front line plus is safe for cats. I dose down the regular front line for my cats.

  3. I offer a correction for above post: Frontline Plus IS ABSOLUTELY safe for cats (frontline plus is even made in a cat version). The ingredients are the same for the frontline plus for dog and cat versions, the only difference is the dosage amounts. If you give the correct dosage of frontline plus FOR DOGS to your dogs and cats (as shown in the chart above) they will all be fine. Frontline is the only product that this is safe to do with. However, DO NOT EVER use other products like K9 advantix, advantage, Hartz, Sergeants, Sentry, Pet Armour, etc.. as those products are simply flat out toxic and fatal to cats no matter the dosage.. SO NEVER do that!!! Also, K9 Advantage and K9 Advantix if used on dogs are great, but please don't use any of those other products at all...they are cheaply made with poisons that are killing and seriously injuring dogs and cats everywhere because some people want to spend $5 on a dollar store flea treatment. Research Hartz and those other brands flea treatment and you will see endless horror stories and even the government had to FORCE Hartz to change their ingredients entirely after 33,000 dogs and cats had been seriously and critically injured and killed...Hartz didn't want to do it regardless but finally was forced by the government, so they have since switched to some other cheap poison that is leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. People WAKE UP, if you love your animals, then do some damn research for 15 minutes and make some calls to the vet to educate yourself about what you are giving to them and what it will or can do to them...I mean come on...