Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cat Owners - Ways To Save When It Comes To the Litter Box

For those of you who share my pain of paying full price for cat litter, bless your little hearts. Cat litter has got to be one of the HARDEST sale items to come by. But today, I bring some reprieve.

The best deal I have found, and I fully intend to participate is on the Tidy Cats Breeze system. My coupon BFF Chris has turned me onto this in a major way - he keeps FOUR of them in his little half bath and I couldn't smell A THING when I walked in there! The Breeze is different from a normal litter box - you use non-clumping pellets and the bottom of the box has holes so that urine can drain through into a drawer containing an absorbant pee-pad of sorts. You scoop the poop once per day, change the pad once per week, and switch out the litter once per month. Between pads and litter, you'd be spending about $10/mo per Breeze box you own. PLUS there is a $1 off pads or litter coupon on the Breeze website, so use one for each item and you're down to $8/mo. Now for me, when I can't find litter on sale or my stockpile has dwindled, I head to Costco where I can get a 42lb bag of ScoopAway for about $11 (Cheaper if there's a Costco coupon out). With three lovely ladies using the cat box, that bag only lasts me 3 weeks or so. So if I can go from spending almost $15/mo on litter to spending $8 on a system where I don't deal with the dust or litter tracked everywhere OR the smell, then hell yeah I'll do it!

The Breeze normally retails for $36.99 per box. Now through 9/25, it is on sale for $24.99 with PetPerks store card. We have some coupons also. Here's what to do:
Purchase the Breeze for $24.99 with card
-use (1) $5 off Breeze store coupon, printable
- (1) $10 off Breeze Litter System manufacturer coupon, printable
This brings your total to $9.99 which is roughly the price of a month's worth of pads and litter pellets, so it's like getting the box for free.

Make the purchase by 8/28, and use this $5 off $25 store coupon. You will need to make sure that your total is $25 before coupons, but that is easily achievable by purchasing a set of pads for the Breeze (if you do that, don't forget your $1 off coupon) - this is like getting the second month of pee pads for FREE!

Of you're a fan of traditional litter boxes, here's a deal for you:

  GreatCleaners, Arm & Hammer’s retail website, has a pretty awesome deal on cat litter right now - right now any variety of Arm & Hammer cat litter, 14lbs is only $4.95, AND it ships free with code GREATFREE at checkout. Purchase through and get 13% cash back!

(Note: the ShopAtHome link is my referral link. However, if you sign up and make a purchase through my referral link, we both get a $5 credit. If you choose to go around my link, no hard feelings, but you won't get the $5 credit, which would make the litter FREE)

If you prefer to purchase in the store, here is a printable coupon for $1.50 off any Arm & Hammer litter.

Are you a fan of Jonny Cat litter?:
-$1 off Jonny Cat Litter, printable

From now until 9/27, World's Best Cat Litter has another Mail in Rebate for a FREE bag (7-8lbs) The litter retails around $7-8, and is sold in most grocery stores (I've seen it in Publix and Kroger) and it's now available at Target. Even better, you have an extra month to mail in the rebate form with your UPC and receipt, it must be received by 10/27/11. These products are endorsed by manufacturers of self cleaning litter boxes and are 100% natural - you can even flush the clumps! Yesterday at Publix, I saw a $1 off coupon on the product, so that would actually make it a $1 moneymaker.

You can print the rebate form here.
Click here to locate a store in your area that carries the product.

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  1. Chris here! The rule of thumb is one box per cat (hence why I have 4). Even though they share it's still the best method. Also, try using the pet Arm & Hammer baking soda (found in the pet aisle of your fav retailer or at PetSmart) - I sprinkle some under the pee pad as well as on top of the pad. I also have a Glade scented oil fan in the outlet (set on 2 or 3) in that half bath.

    And Lea is right - unless they just used the box and left a big pile you can't smell it at all. Scoop daily (recycled plastic grocery bags are great for this) and change your pads every week (set a schedule) and you can actually stretch the litter out to about 5 weeks between changes.

    Also, keep in mind that the Breeze system is made by Purina and is a Tidy Cats product - so when they put coupons out for $/1 any variety Tidy Cats those still apply. Also note that if you call or email Purina Tidy Cats Customer Service they will send you coupons (and you can call or email every 30 days so you get coupons regularly).

    Hope that helps keep the little furry ones happy. Happy Couponing!