Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have You Joined Recyclebank? Get High Value Coupons, Free Magazines and More!

This isn't a shameless plug, I really am an advocate of Recyclebank. It's a site whose goal is to make the world a little greener and offers a points rewards system for its members each time they participate in their little, games, tasks, pledges or short quizzes teaching about greener options.  You can get points for things you already do too - like recycling or reusing your Ziploc bags.

The rewards are awesome - you use your points to cash in for anything for high value coupons (the most popular seem to be Coke and Kashi), discounts to your favorite stores, and even free items! One of my favorite rewards is a one-year subscription to Cosmo, it's the Christmas gift that my BFF and I give each other every year, and now I can get it for 115 Recyclebank points, which took me about 10 minutes to earn through their Green Your School Year Challenge. If you can knock out a few Christmas gifts just by helping the environment, then why not?

Here's a list of some more magazine subscriptions for 115 points:

Better Homes & Gardens
Everyday Food
Good Housekeeping
Marie Claire
Popular Mechanics
Town & Country
Whole Living
Martha Stewart Weddings
Martha Stewart Living

So if you haven't signed up for Recyclebank yet, check it out here. (Yes, that's my referral link, no hard feelings if you go around it.)

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