Monday, May 16, 2011


Now that all of the coupon policies are posted (for the most part), I'll be working on this week's sales and coupon match ups. But in the meantime, here's another way for you to make your coupons work for you. (Another type of eCoupon, except it puts money in a savings account!)

You register on the website, and link your store shopping cards to the website. (At Publix you can get a UPromise card at the register.) You upload the eCoupons to your cards, and as long as you scan your card at the store and purchase an item with an applicable coupon, the value of the uPromise coupon is put into your UPromise account, like a savings account. No, the amount of the coupon does not come off of your total, but you CAN use paper coupons also.

You also get cash back to your account for shopping online through the UPromise website. You can even get cash back from Groupon, just click the Groupon link through the UPromise site, and make your purchase like you normally would from the retailer, and BAM, cash back.

If you link your debit or credit card to your account (completely secure), you also get dining rewards when you eat out.

The possibilities for this site are practically endless, and you can make the program work as much or as little for you as you'd like. So, take a look and decide for yourself if the program is for you.

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