Monday, May 16, 2011

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

The policy is really long, you can print the complete policy here for your binder.

Here are the key points:

Acceptance Guidelines
  • No expired coupons
  • No overage given, value of coupon will be adjusted to price of item.

  • Rite Aid DOES accept BOGO coupons combined with BOGO sales, rendering both items FREE (customer responsible for applicable taxes)
  • Rite Aid DOES accept 2 coupons for the purchase of two items in a BOGO sale
Internet Printable Coupons
  • Rite Aid DOES accept printable coupons up to $5.00. Printable coupons with the Rite Aid logo are not considered printables and the $5.00 limit does not apply
Stacking Coupons
  • Rite Aid Manufacturer coupons generally appear in our weekly circular, on our website and are sent to customers via email. These coupons are labeled "manufacturer coupon" and have a UPC that begins with "49."
  • Rite Aid store coupons are labeled "Valuable Coupon" and have a UPC that begins with "48." You will find these in the store circular or the Rite Aid website. 
  • You can stack one Rite Aid store coupon, one Rite Aid manufacturer coupon, AND one manufacturer coupon (starts with 5) for one item.
+UP Coupons (register rewards)
  • +UP Reward coupons are special coupons earned by a customer in a prior purchase that can be used for any non-prescription purchase with a small number of exclusions that are listed on the +UP coupon. Multiple +UP coupons can be used (subject to the printed exclusions) up to the amount of purchase before sales tax.

Don't forget to pick up your store rewards card in order to get the deals!

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