Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best Buy Black Friday 2011

Did you know that the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest drinking night of the year? Well I'm skipping Blackout Wednesday to sip a glass of merlot and bring you the Black Friday Deals.

I've also created a Black Friday Deals post in the community, so please feel free to gather there and share the deals you're excited about to help each other out.

And away we go!

Best Buy

Best Buy is handing out tickets for big ticket items starting at 10pm, so if you're deadset on getting one of these deals, you need to be prepared to be there a lot earlier than 10pm in order to be far enough ahead in the line to get a ticket. Some locations are showing Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt II starting at 9pm. Check your local ad to see if your location is participating. These are the best of the best deals in the ad, check your local ad for even more deals.

Sharp 42″ LCD 1080p HDTV, $199.99
Dynex 24″ LCD 1080p HDTV, $79.99

Movies and Games

Select DVDs, 99¢
Select Blu-Ray, $4.99
Xbox 360 Elite Console, 250 GB, $199.99
(Includes wireless controller, wired headset, Fable III, Halo: Reach, and 3-month Xbox Live Gold Membership token)
Gears of War 3, $29.99

Batman: Arkham City, $29.99
Fifa 2012, $34.99


Samsung Transform Ultra, $114.99
HTC Wildfire, $99.99


Toshiba Smart Blu-ray Disc Player, $39.99
Gateway Netbook with 10.1″ Screen, 250 GB Hard Drive, $149.99

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