Friday, June 3, 2011

UPDATE: $5 Credit for Half Off Depot Good Thru Midnight TONIGHT

The credit has been extended until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, Half Off Depot is offering a FREE $5 credit!

What is Half Off Depot? It is a similar site to Groupon and other daily deal sites, but the deals last longer than a day, for the most part. Their MO is to offer deals on almost everything you can think of in your area - for at least 50% off! We're talking restaurants, activities, VIP admission to exclusive night clubs, salon services, oil changes, hotels in awesome destinations....I could go on ALLLL day. Once I even saw a deal for dog boarding!

 To get the $5 credit, go to Half Off Depot, sign up, select your city and pick a deal. At checkout, enter the promo code blessmebagpipes (high five to whoever thought of that one) and BINGO! $5 off of your total!

My favorite way to spend the credit is to find a deal that costs $5. Last time the free $5 credit came along, I used it to buy a $10 gift certificate to Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt in Alpharetta - which cost $5...making it FREE! The mister and I actually just used that voucher a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious, since the deal is still available i think I'll go for it again, it makes 1/2 of date night absolutely free.

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