Thursday, January 12, 2012

Couponing 101: $#!& I Forgot My Coupons

We've all done it. Ran to the store for one thing and saw an AMAZING deal that we just know we have a coupon for at home. Or forgot a coupon that we knew we needed.

It happened to me tonight. I ran to Kroger for a secret shopper assignment and happened to walk by a clearance bin that contained one large bag of Purina One Beyond dog food on Manager's Special. It was destiny. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel and with no good deals in sight was going to be forced to make a Saturday trip to the firey gates of Hell Walmart.

This bag of food was really something. Regularly priced at $25, it was marked down to $12.49! Not to mention, it's an extremely high quality of food. When I bring it into the house, you could film a pet food commercial. The muttskies are licking the bowls clean, pushing each other aside to see if the other left any in his bowl.

My first thought - "AWESOME!" Followed by, "FML I DIDN'T BRING MY BINDER!"

What's a Couponist Extraordinaire to do?

I bought that summagun. And on the drive home, it hit me - "I bet my readers don't know this trick!"

In these occasional mishaps/lapses in judgement/rookie errors, you can still save the day! Most stores worth their salt will accept a coupon after the fact, as long as you have your receipt. Just head back in ASAP with coupon and receipt in hand and head to Customer Service.

Now there are exceptions. Don't try this trick next week using a receipt from Black Friday with the new high value printable coupons that have come out since . Use this trick timely and with integrity.

 I'll be headed back this weekend to exchange my coupon for $2 cold hard cash, which will likely go toward the 50% off Milkbones. These animals really have it good.

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