Friday, November 4, 2011

Coupon Questions with LeaLea

So there's a slight delay in getting the drug store ads up (working on adding a printable shopping list feature - you can thank me later). So, I thought we'd have a little fun since it is Friday and none of us are really getting much done at our grownup jobs. So I've come up with....

Ask LeaLea!

Got questions? Get them answered. Wanna know the rock bottom price for an item so you know to stock up? How to get the best deals on meat and produce? How to stack coupons? How did my boyfriend get so lucky? Ask now or forever hold your peace. (Until next week, when we'll probably do it again)

Leave a question in the comments for me! (or if you're shy, email me)


  1. Is there a list somewhere in the universe that tells me when something is a rock bottom price? It seems like just as soon as I find a deal at one store.....the following week its even cheaper somewhere else... Dang blasted Kroger and their 10 item sale on Ragu!! lol

  2. Kaiti that's a great question and one this list of topics for future Couponing 101 posts.

    I've seen a few 'Buy Price' lists, but they are severely outdated. I've gotten to a point wher I have my own mental 'buy price' list and you'll develop one with experience.

    The deal with Ragu, well consiuder that a learning experience, you found a new buy price for that particular product. It happens to the best of us. Remember that any savings is great savings because Thou Shalt Not Pay Retail!

    Here's a question for you - do you have any brand loyalties? If not, awesome. It's much easier to have a rock bottom price if you're not too picky. For example - my rock bottom for laundry detergent is $1-1.50. Granted, I also have a Publix that accepts Target as a competitor, so that helps. If you find detergent for $1.50-2.50, I say stock up! Then if you find a lower price after the fact, just keep adding to your stockpile and make a mental note of the lowest price. I have bought ALl for $1 at Publix, Wisk for $1.47 at Kroger during a mega event and recently bought Purex for 99¢ at Walgreens with a coupon I received in the mail a while back (if you have the same $1 off coupon it is $1.99 at CVS this week).

    I am also a cheapskate, so I rarely purchase Prego or Ragu and have found that I am able to find better deals on other brands such as Bertolli and Barilla.

    But if you have brand loyalties like Tide and Ragu, here's a tip: every week for 6 weeks, when you're doing your shopping in your favorite grocery store, keep a note pad and check the price of your favorite items. It will show you how the prices fluxuate and you will see what the rock bottom price for your item is for a six week sale cycle.

    And as always, you can always leave us a comment or post in our forum and we'll be more than happy to share our best buy prices for specific items.

    Happy Couponing!