Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Gift Alert - 1¢ Gift Sets!

Venus Embrace Beautifully Smoothing Gift Set with Bonus Magazine Subscription

We know how I feel about that retail monstrosity that shall not be named *cough*Walmart*cough* but there are many of you who don't have many shopping options in your neck of the woods. So while I am still boycotting doing their weekly ad and coupon matchups, here is a deal that is too good for many of you to pass up.

With Christmas just around the corner, all of the gift sets and baskets are appearing in masses on retail shelves. Included are Olay, Venus and other HBA brands and are priced at $10. Inside is a voucher for a FREE magazine subscription, but you can opt out of the subscription and get a $9.99 rebate instead! This makes each basked 1¢!

 Also, through midnight, these gift sets are available on their website and include FREE shipping. While the free shipping is over, you can still qualify for free shipping with a purchase of $45, so you could knock out 5 gifts with this deal and not pay shipping. Purchase through  ShopAtHome and get 4% cashback, making the deal a moneymaker! If you're new to ShopAtHome, you get a $5 credit for signing up. Or you can get 2% cashback if you purchase through UPromise.

YMMV by store, but you could try to use a coupon for one of the items included in the basket, but I wouldn't try more than one.

Here are some of the participating gift sets:


  1. Is there a limit per household with the rebate?

  2. I don't know of any limit per hh, however I haven't done the deal yet. I suggest just purchasing one in the store to start, and read the verbiage on the rebate when you get home. That way if there IS a limit, you'll still get the rebate for the one you bought and you'll have a gift knocked out.

  3. update- it is one per household and i was only able to get a $9 rebate. still a great deal! thanks LEa!

  4. Thanks for the update! Next time leave your name so I can credit you for the info :)