Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christmas Freebies! Check Them Out!

Those of you who know this Couponist Extraordinaire well, know that I'm a tightwad. So who better to guide you through the stressful holiday season, with sanity and savings account intact? THIS GIRL.

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So without further adieu...onto the goodies!

Canvas People

This has got to me one of my favorite freebies yet! Canvas People is offering a FREE 8"x10" print of your favorite photo - you just pay shipping (starts around $10). Color effects and framing are extra, which makes sense.

This would be an AMAZING gift, whether you create a canvas from a family photo to give to your parents, an engagement photo for your future ball and chain, baby photos or just a beatiful piece of art for you to enjoy in your home. Want more than one? Additional copies are 50% off!

Have you joined SaveMore yet? If you haven't, you're an idiot. Excuse me? Well  it's true. Because when you sign up, you get a $10 credit - which makes for at least ONE freebie! And I bring you the newest freebie - phone skins/cases.

What's the quickest way to see a man cry like a woman going through the change? Watch him drop his brand new IPhone4 and see the screen splinter into millions of little pieces. Oh noes! That man's not taking you to a fancypants dinner - he's headed to get a (very expensive) replacement ASAP. We can prevent that though...
The current deal at SaveMore is a $15 credit to electronicskins.net for $7. This deal also includes free shipping. If you're a new member to SaveMore, then you've got your $10 credit, making this deal abso-freaking-lutely free. Stuff a stocking with this, or get it for yourself. From looking at the site, it appears all of the phone and IPod cases are right around $15. If you're wanting an IPad or laptop case, you're gonna have to come out of pocket a little more.

Update: Another SaveMore Freebie:

That's right, $30 to spend at Accessories Direct for $7, and it includes free shipping! So, if you're a newbie to SaveMore, then sign up here for your $10 credit, making this deal absolutely free.

I took a peek at the Accessories Direct site and it looks like there is a pretty good selection of sterling silver necklaces in the $30 range. There are some rings and bracelets for $35+ so if you see one that you really like, you'll only have to come out of pocket an extra few bucks.

Other noteworthy deals:
  • 89¢ IPhone USB cable at Amazon with FREE shipping. Great to go in the stocking with the phone case!
Check back, I'll update 'em as I find them!

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