Thursday, June 23, 2011

$5 off Emissions Testing - Metro Atlanta

For all of you Atlantians, being a grown up means birthdays aren't quite so much fun - you get to celebrate by paying for your emissions test and sky high registration/ad velorum taxes which will break anybody's bank, unless you're driving around in a 20 year old hoopty that wouldn't pass emissions anyway.

Well, with my big 25 rapidly approaching (7/1 if anyone wants to send me a present, or just click on an ad whenever you visit the blog, that would make me happy too :), I thought I'd see if there was any way to reduce the costs, just a little. Low and behold, a $5 off coupon to any DEKRA testing location in the metro area.

Go here and fill out a 10 second survey, and they'll email you your coupon. Now you can spend $5 on something a little more fun, like a biiiiiig margarita! (Although I'm sure you thrifty readers know of at least one Mexican joint that will give you one for free on your big day - I do!)

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