Thursday, May 19, 2011

Online Surveys, Does it REALLY Pay to Take Them?

Good question. The answer is YES. I've been doing it for over six months now, through a site called Focusline Surveys. You can earn as much or as little, as fast or slowly as you's all about how much time you're willing to spend taking surveys.

The surveys take as little as five minutes to complete, and can last as long as thirty minutes. They pay as little as $.50 per survey all the way to $5 each.

The best part - they'll pay you $5 to sign up! Then you start by completing mini-surveys about yourself in order for the site to match you up with compatable surveys...and they PAY YOU for each mini survey. By the time you sign up and complete all of the mini surveys, you've already made $15!

You can cash out your earnings in the form of a gift card, charity donation, or a cash deposit to a secure Paypal account, and from there you can move it to your bank account. You can only withdraw in increments of $25, so it's not "quick cash" but it is a nice way to make a little cash on the side. You can let it add up and save for a vacation, or treat yourself to a little something special from time to time.

So far I've made almost $100...not bad for a couple of evenings a week with the laptop during primetime t.v.!

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