Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do You Groupon? Well, You Do Now!

Readers, if you haven't met Groupon yet, prepare to be introduced.

Groupon is a daily deal site, meaning, they offer a few AMAZING deals everyday for one day only. These services range from restaurants, activities, salon services, home furnishings, home improvement services...ANYTHING you can imagine. And you typically save at least 50%.

Groupons mainly focus on larger cities, but they have a TON of online deals that you can use nationwide. I once got a movie ticket for $1 - and since the ticket was through, I could pick a theater anywhere in the country.

Today an email went out to Groupon members exclusively for $4 movie tickets...that means date night for under $10! Stack that with that Groupon you bought a last month for that hip new restaurant and you're looking at date night for under $20!

So go register now so you don't miss an exclusive email deal, and check back here for the latest Groupon and other daily deal site steals!

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